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Invest for Boutique Hotel

location_on North Western, Sri Lanka

Incest on a Boutique Hotel & Destination Wedding location in Negombo, Sri Lanka.

US$ 500,000


US$ 100,000

Min per Investor

100% raised

Looking for Investors

location_on Central, Sri Lanka

Looking for investors. Huge returns. Minimum profit 200000 lkr upto 5000000 lkr per month

US$ 5,000


US$ 2,500

Min per Investor

0% raised

Fmcg And Healthcare

location_on Western, Sri Lanka

We are an established healthcare company importing and distributing baby health care and personal products since 2010.

US$ 9,000,000


US$ 8,000,000

Min per Investor

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US$1 - US$100,000

location_on Sydney, Australia

Chartered Accountant. My industry exposure includes Financial Services, Insurance, Fund & Wealth Management, Hospitality & Catering, Construction, Oil ...

Areas of Expertise

Investment Syndicate

US$10,000 - US$100,000

location_on Lilongwe, Malawi

Graduated in BA (Hons) Business Management, followed by a MBA in Business Administration. Working as an Accountant and 3 years experience in Finance and Operati...

Areas of Expertise

Finance, Management, Social Media

US$1 - US$50,000

location_on Colombo, Sri Lanka

I'm an Innovation & Marketing Strategy Consultant, Startup Mentor and Business Owner with over 10 years of experience in the IT industry with global co...

Areas of Expertise

Tech, Marketing, Design, Strategy Mentorship,...

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